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October 2016 Archives

Distracted driving one cause of rise in fatalities

Kentucky parents can take steps to help keep their teenage children safer on the road by modeling driving behavior such as not using cellphones. It is also important to encourage teens to speak up if someone is driving in a dangerous way. Almost 3,000 teenagers around the country die each year due to motor vehicle accidents, and statistics show that traffic fatalities are on the rise.

The do's and don'ts of handling a driver with road rage

Driving naturally comes with many risks of harm, but one that is increasing is road rage. Road rage refers to when a driver shows aggressive, intimidating or threatening behaviors in response to another person's driving or reaction. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that almost 80 percent of drivers expressed road rage at least one time in the last year, with about eight million resorting to extreme behaviors. If you find yourself the recipient of someone else's anger on the road, here is what to do and not do.

NHTSA considers regulations for underride guards on trucks

In some Kentucky accidents involving large trucks, motorists in cars skid underneath the trucks either from the rear or the side. These accidents, which are called underride collisions, often result in fatalities due to the top of the car being crushed by the underside of the trucks.

Obama administration announces zero car accident deaths plan

Kentucky drivers may be pleased to learn that the Obama administration announced on Oct. 5 that the goal was to completely eliminate traffic fatalities on American roads within the next 30 years. The Transportation Department noted that the initial part of the plan included adding rumble strips to roads, increasing seat belt use and continuing with campaigns against drunk driving and distracted driving.

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