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August 2016 Archives

NHTSA statistics on fatal accidents

According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 35,092 auto accident fatalities the United States in 2015. That is a 7.2 percent increase from 2014, and it was the largest year-over-year increase since 1966. Job growth and lower fuel prices are cited as causes for the result, as those factors have lead to an increase in people driving in Kentucky and around the country.

Preparing for a car accident lawsuit

Kentucky residents who have been in a car accident caused by the negligence of another motorist might choose to contact a lawyer to assist them with seeking compensation for their losses. In that case, there are a number of documents that need to be gathered and brought to the lawyer to begin the process.

The dangers of driving while sleep-deprived

Kentucky motorists who are fatigued may not realize the risk they are taking, but according to a report released on Aug. 8 by the Governors Highway Safety Association, there were about 5,000 fatalities in 2015 that resulted from car accidents in which drowsy driving was a factor. It is estimated that more than 83 million sleep-deprived drivers are on the road each day.

What do you need to do after a car accident?

Most drivers over the course of their lives will get in a motor vehicle accident. These accidents can range from minor inconveniences to life-altering events. If you have been injured in an auto wreck, the steps you take can go a long way toward maximizing the value of your personal injury claim. The information below is intended to serve as a general guide for what you can do at the accident scene and after the accident.

Cellphone driving dangers include social media

Based on the results of several studies, Kentucky motorists who are aware of the dangers of texting and driving may still be engaging in other dangerously distracting activities using their phones. These include posting to social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram and playing games. It is believed that accidents in Maryland and California happened due to drivers playing Pokemon Go.

What's the FMCSA's stance on texting truckers?

As unsettling as the idea of a speeding and texting car, pickup or sport utility vehicle driver is, consider the prospect of a speeding and texting semi driver. Indeed, it's truly terrifying to imagine the idea of a vehicle weighing upwards of 40 tons barreling down the highway at speeds of over 60 miles-per-hour with essentially no one minding the wheel for several seconds at a time.

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