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March 2017 Archives

When parents move to avoid child support

Many Kentucky parents who have gone through a divorce have child support orders in place that require their children's other parent to pay monthly support. Unfortunately, some parents are deadbeats who willfully attempt to avoid paying child support and sometimes move to other states in order to evade their obligations.

Common sources of distraction for truck drivers

Sometimes accidents with semi trucks are the result of maintenance issues, shifting cargo, weather conditions or sleep deprivation. Another growing cause is distracted driving. Whereas all drivers can give in to distractions and get into an accident, truckers face more severe consequences if they cause a crash because of the size and power of their vehicles. Any of these sources may be responsible for your accident with and injury from a big rig.

How autonomous cars may impact personal injury claims

Kentucky residents who are excited about the prospect of autonomous vehicles may be interested to learn how these cars could affect the different claims that are filed. For example, as software takes over the driving, it is expected that the number of personal injury claims will decrease while product liability claims will increase.

Thinking about the kids during a divorce

For many Kentucky parents, getting a divorce can mean splitting up the family. They may not get to see their children as often as they would like and the stress and arguments can result can potentially have an impact on the children. As such, it is in the best interests of the children for parents to put them first.

Report finds more than 40,000 died on U.S roads in 2016

Kentucky readers may be interested to learn that more than 40,000 people died on U.S. roads last year, according to an estimate released by the National Safety Council. It is the first time that the 40,000 threshold has been crossed since 2007. The increase is linked in part to cheaper gas prices and a rebounding economy.

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