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Obama Administration Announces Zero Car Accident Deaths Plan

Kentucky drivers may be pleased to learn that the Obama administration announced on Oct. 5 that the goal was to completely eliminate traffic fatalities on American roads within the next 30 years. The Transportation Department noted that the initial part of the plan included adding rumble strips to roads, increasing seat belt use and continuing with campaigns against drunk driving and distracted driving.

While a goal of zero fatalities appears to be a tall order, the appearance of self-driving vehicles on the road makes this goal much more achievable. In a statement, the Transportation Department noted that self-driving vehicles could potentially eliminate human error, which is a major factor in most car accidents.

Sweden was the first country to adopt the zero deaths plan in 1997. Known as Vision Zero, the plan was adopted elsewhere, including in several U.S. cities. The Transportation Department introduced the goal after the number of road deaths increased by 7.2 percent in 2015 over the previous year. If the trend of the first six months in 2016 continues, the number of deaths may increase even more this year.

Many car accidents that occur on Kentucky roads are caused by negligent or reckless drivers. Regardless of the cause of the crash, those who are involved potentially may suffer serious injuries that could prevent them from being able to return to their normal lives. If there is evidence that another driver’s negligence was the cause of the accident, a personal injury attorney may assist with filing a lawsuit seeking compensation on behalf of an injured victim.