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Gathering evidence after a serious truck accident

Truck accidents in Kentucky and around the country kill thousands of people and injure tens of thousands more each year, and many of them are caused by fatigued, distracted or impaired truck drivers or improperly loaded or inadequately maintained big rigs. Trucking companies rarely admit that they made mistakes, but it is difficult to conceal evidence of negligence when commercial vehicles crash. That is because the logistics industry is strictly regulated, and serious truck accidents are investigated thoroughly by local and federal authorities.

Truck accident investigations and reports

When a truck accident causes death or serious injuries, the commercial vehicle driver involved is required to provide a blood sample for toxicology testing. A certified truck inspector is sent to the scene to look for signs of improper loading, neglected maintenance or substandard repairs, and accident investigators could also check wireless service records to find out if the truck driver was using a mobile electronic device when they crashed. Truck accident victims can find all of this information in official reports, and it can provide crucial evidence of negligence in a personal injury lawsuit.

Official records and accident scene photos

Official records could also provide victims who wish to pursue legal remedies with useful evidence. A long history of safety violations could be used to establish a pattern of reckless behavior, and hours of service logs may reveal that a commercial driver failed to take federally mandated rest breaks. Photographs are often powerful pieces of evidence in semi-truck accident lawsuits as they depict the road and weather conditions as well as the damage to the vehicles involved.

Spoilation letters

Evidence of negligence can only be used in court if it is not destroyed, which is why spoilation letters are often sent to trucking companies when their vehicles crash. A spoilation letter is sent by the injured party or their attorney, and it ensures that all evidence and records are preserved. If a spoilation letter is sent and accident investigators work diligently, the true cause of a serious truck accident will usually emerge sooner or later.