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Driving safely on rural roads

Driving safely on the thousands of miles of scenic Kentucky back roads requires a special set of safety precautions that are separate from good driving practices in heavily populated urban centers. Here is what you should know about driving safely on rural roads.

Pass carefully

Every year across Kentucky, many motor vehicle accidents occur due to improper passing techniques. If you are attempting to pass a slower vehicle, make sure you do so in a passing zone, which is marked by a dashed line, in a straightaway where you can clearly see that there is no oncoming traffic.

Keep an eye out for hidden driveways

Driveways in rural areas are often not as easily visible as more clearly marked ones in urban zones. This is especially true in hilly areas where you can’t see what is just around the corner. If you are in an area with residences or a hilly environment, drive the speed limit and keep your eyes peeled for these potential hazards.

Watch for livestock crossings

Occasionally, ranchers move their livestock over roadways. The law requires them to do so in designated zones that are marked with signs to warn drivers, but you should always be aware of the possibility even outside of these areas.

Avoid certain off-roading behaviors

You should avoid engaging in potentially dangerous off-roading behaviors such as drinking or consuming illegal drugs, racing and speeding. Following basic safety precautions ensures that everyone has a good off-roading experience and gets home safely.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you’re traveling in the countryside. You’ll be able to enjoy a safer, scenic trip through beautiful Kentucky hills.