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Tips for talking to your children about divorce

There is a good chance that a Kentucky judge will allow you to maintain a close relationship with your children after your divorce. However, this doesn’t mean that they won’t need help dealing with a significant change in their lives. Ideally, you will maintain a regular dialogue with your kids to ensure that they feel safe and cared for during an uncertain time.

The divorce isn’t their fault

It’s critical that you let your children know that they did nothing to cause the end of your marriage. Instead, simply tell them that the relationship didn’t work out and that they will still get to spend plenty of time with both parents. Generally speaking, it’s best not to get into the details of what actually led to the divorce taking place. Furthermore, you shouldn’t say anything bad about your former spouse during any conversations that you have with your kids.

Make it clear that the decision is final

It isn’t uncommon for children to hold out hope that their parents will get back together. However, you should explain that the relationship that you now have with the other parent is strictly a platonic one.

Give your children some leeway to express themselves

Younger children may cry, scream or otherwise act out upon hearing about the end of your marriage. This is typically because they don’t necessarily have the emotional maturity to articulate their feelings in a calmer fashion. While you don’t want to encourage bad behavior, there is nothing wrong with simply letting them process their emotions as they occur. Once everyone has calmed down, you can continue talking about what the future will likely hold.