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Is alimony granted in a Kentucky divorce?

Alimony, which is sometimes referred to as maintenance, is the money that one party is ordered to pay to the other after they divorce. The terms and conditions for alimony will change on a case by case basis, depending on a variety of factors.

When is alimony paid in Kentucky?

Alimony was originally created when, in traditional households, only one spouse was working. If the spouse was working full time and a divorce was filed, the stay-at-home spouse had no way to financially support themselves..
Today, it’s more common for married couples to both be working full-time or at least part-time. As such, the conditions for alimony have changed to be more flexible and dependent on the couples’ circumstances.

In Kentucky, there are basically only two things that might qualify you for alimony. The first being that you have no property in your name, so you’ll need money to find a place to live. And the second being you’re unable to get a job, either because of a separate reason or because you have to be a stay at home parent.

How much could I get in alimony?

If you do qualify for alimony, there are a few other hurdles to jump through. The amount you may or may not receive changes depending on a few factors:

  • What financial resources you have already
  • How long it would take you to start supporting yourself
  • How well you were treated while married
  • How long you were married
  • The ability of your spouse to actually pay alimony

These factors are all taken into consideration and can make it much harder get alimony payment at all. Reach out to your lawyer to learn more about what you may be eligible for.