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The Impact of Road Rage in America

What Are the Causes and Effects of Road Rage?

Causes: Busy traffic, bad or inconsiderate motorists and high levels of stress may cause a driver to exhibit road rage. According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, men and those between the ages of 19 and 39 are most often the culprit. 

Effects: According to the NHTSA, road rage causes 66% of fatal accidents.

What Is Considered Road Rage?

Overall, the study found that 80 percent of the drivers experienced at least one instance of angry or overly aggressive behavior while driving. Many drivers reported taking actions such as honking their horns or yelling at other motorists. More aggressive driving behaviors included bumping another vehicle on purpose or getting out of a vehicle to confront another driver. A representative of the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety urged drivers to be tolerant and forgiving of others while on the road.

How to Avoid Road Rage

Safety experts say that drivers should refrain from taking actions that require another motorist to use their brakes. Instead of stopping or getting out of a vehicle, those who fear for their safety are advised to call the police for help. They are also advised to avoid looking at or making gestures toward other drivers. Finally, drivers are encouraged not to take the action of another driver personally.

A negligent driver who causes a car crash may be liable for an injured victim’s medical bills and other financial losses relating to the accident. Drivers may be negligent if they were drunk, distracted or driving too fast for road conditions when an accident occurred. An attorney may use physical evidence from the scene, witness statements, and other relevant evidence to establish that negligence caused a car accident.