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How Parents Can Help Their Kids Get Through Divorce

When parents in Kentucky decide to divorce, their first thought might be how the end of the marriage will impact their children. There are many stories, both positive and negative, of how now-adult children dealt with their parents’ divorce. By keeping some key guidelines in mind, people can help their children feel supported and strong even as their lives undergo significant change.

It is important that children feel that they can still turn to both of their parents. A divorce for the adults should not mean one for the children as well. This means that children should not be encouraged to denigrate the other parent or avoid his or her presence. Many kids may feel like their parents expect them to take sides in the divorce and may feel guilty expressing love for the other parent or that they should not see him or her. No matter how contentious the relationship becomes between the adults, children should be encouraged to foster their relationships with both parents. Of course, all of this assumes a situation in which parents have decided to divorce absent a more complicated environment of abuse or neglect.

Parents should talk directly to their children about their concerns over the breakup. It is important that kids know that they are not to blame for their parents’ divorce. Many children feel this way even when the issues related to the breakup have nothing to do with them. Similarly, speaking with a child’s teachers, school counselor and other adult figures can help identify any areas of concern.

People who are going through a divorce have a number of complicated matters to address, including child custody, child support and the creation of a co-parenting plan. A family law attorney can help divorcing individuals advocate for their rights in divorce negotiations and family court to protect their relationship with their children.