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Never Talk to the Other Driver’s Insurance Adjuster

Should I Talk to the Other Guy’s Insurance Company?

Thousands of car accidents happen around the country every day. Most of them are not too severe, but not everyone is so lucky. An Allen County woman lost her life in a recent car crash that took place on March 4th.

There is a lot to take care of following an auto accident, and you want to make sure you contact your insurance agent shortly after the crash. However, many people receive an unexpected phone call from the other driver’s insurance adjuster. Over the phone, this person may make it sound like you have to cooperate. It is vital to remember you do not have to speak with this person without an attorney present.

What if the Other Driver’s Insurance Calls Me?

You can refer the other driver’s insurance agent to your personal adjuster or attorney if you do not want to deal with the situation. However, one reason why the adjuster may want to talk to you is that the other driver has gone AWOL. This is a common occurrence for drivers who are clearly at fault.

What Should I Say if I Do Talk to the Other Insurance Company?

You may feel the need to speak with the adjuster so that you can get the ball moving on this case. If you do talk, then you want to stick with the facts. You can discuss the following:

  • the date the accident happened
  • the extent of the damage to your vehicle

Do not say anything that implies it was your fault. You also do not want to say anything related to your health. Even if you only say, “I feel all right,” the insurance company can use that statement to infer you did not sustain any significant injuries.

Remember that for any insurance agency, the goal is to pay out as little as possible. The agency can absolutely use anything you say against you. It is for this reason you never want to speculate. If you do not have an answer for a question, then you can say, “I don’t know.” Ultimately, you really should have your personal insurance adjuster and attorney on the line during this conversation.