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Many Factors Affect the Type and Severity of Car Crash Injuries

A car wreck in Kentucky could result in anything from minor scrapes and bruises to death depending on the circumstances. The speed of vehicles involved and the point of impact both influence how drivers and passengers experience the forces of the collision.

People in a stationary car hit from behind by another vehicle moving at 15 mph might end up with whiplash or back and head injuries. Although unpleasant, the injuries from a low-speed accident might only have temporary consequences. The same scenario with a car moving at 40 mph could produce severe injuries or even kill some occupants. The greater forces at play could cause brain trauma, organ damage or a broken neck or back.

Vehicle safety features also play a role in the severity of injuries. Some vehicles offer greater levels of protection than others because of structural design and airbags. An airbag could save someone’s face or head from blunt force trauma. Seat belt use is vital as well because seat belts restrain people from being thrown out of vehicles during crashes.

All types of injuries generally incur medical expenses, and even people who recover fully might suffer financial hardship because of missing work. A person hurt in an accident caused by a negligent driver may ask an attorney familiar with car accidents to manage their personal injury claim. Investigations initiated by an attorney might gain evidence of speeding, texting, driver intoxication or defective auto parts as negligence to collect damages. An attorney may be able to discuss the evidence with an insurance adjuster and potentially negotiate a settlement out of court. If the negligent party tries to avoid responsibility, an attorney might recommend taking the case to court.