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Seek Medical Care Even If Your Car Crash Was a Minor One

You may never have been involved in a traffic accident, but it could happen, and you should know what to do. You are probably aware that you should exchange insurance information with the other driver, but what then?

One of the most important steps for you to take is to seek medical attention, even if you feel fine after the accident.

Wanting to go home

If you have been in a minor car accident, a rear-end collision, for example, you may feel a bit shaky but otherwise fine. It is natural for adrenaline to kick in at this stage, and this may delay the onset of discomfort or pain. You may just want to get away from the accident scene and head for home, but on the way, you should stop by your doctor’s office or the emergency room.

Injuries and insurance

The sudden impact of a collision, however minor, can cause serious injuries to the neck, back, spinal column, head or limbs. Even a sore shoulder could be an indication of a deeper problem. Not only is immediate medical attention necessary for your well-being, it will also be essential when you and your attorney begin the process of seeking financial compensation. An insurance company will expect to see a medical record, and you will need a doctor’s report that links any injuries you might have directly to the accident. However, if there is a two- or three-week gap between the date of the accident and your doctor’s appointment, there may be room for an insurance company to challenge your claim.

Following orders

Once you have the medical diagnosis and treatment has begun, be sure you continue to follow doctor’s orders faithfully or you could jeopardize your claim for a full and fair financial settlement. Remember, even if you think you have nothing more significant than a bruised wrist or sore shoulder following a car crash, seeking prompt medical care should be the very next item on your to-do list.