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How Joint Custody Can Help Parents and Children

Parents in Kentucky who are getting a divorce might wonder whether joint custody is the right choice for them and their children. They may have misconceptions about this type of custody that is not backed up by research. Studies actually indicate that the best arrangement for children after divorce is joint custody as long as there are not issues with abuse.

One concern parents might have is that children dislike moving back and forth between their homes. However, in interviews, children say they prefer this disruption to living with only one parent. Studies show that even when children are very young, there are benefits to joint custody. Some people may believe that mothers bond with infants more than fathers, but the bond can be just as strong with each of them.

Parents who are experiencing a lot of conflict might worry about how that conflict will affect their ability to share custody. However, studies show more conflict in sole custody arrangements. Joint custody can actually help reduce conflict between parents in some cases. Furthermore, the strong bonds that joint custody allows children to form with both parents helps to insulate them from the harmful effects of parental conflict. These beneficial effects of joint custody appear to be true even when the arrangement is mandated.

Child custody can be a particularly difficult aspect of divorce to negotiate because it is such an emotional topic. It might be hard for parents to accept the idea of having less time with their children. However, if they negotiate a child custody arrangement, they might be able to lay the groundwork for an effective co-parenting relationship. Parents might think about what they want to include in a parenting plan, which can address various concerns ranging from bedtimes to how vacations will be spent and more.