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Divorce and Children

A divorce can be a physical and emotional ordeal for children. Parents in Kentucky who are eager to get a divorce but may be hesitant to do so because of their children may want to consider some important issues before making a decision.

A reason to remain in the marriage, at least for the time being, may be that there is hope that the relationship can be preserved. Spouses who are considering this avenue should be aware that significant effort, self-examination and time are often necessary to rebuild a marriage. The fact that both parties can benefit from being together more than they can benefit from being apart is another reason couples may opt to remain together. For example, medical coverage may be more available as a married couple than as a single parent. However, no matter how financially beneficial staying together may seem, it is important that finances are not the only reason that spouses stay together.

Some couples considering a divorce may opt to remain in the marriage because they are aware of the long-term impact the process can have on their children. Children whose parents divorce tend to have difficulty handling their emotions, are not as likely to go to college and have a higher chance of getting a divorce when they become adults.

If there is any form of abuse in the marriage, getting divorce is the right choice. This includes abuse that is physical, emotional or verbal in nature. Also, children who grow up in an environment in which one of their parents is abused may be likely to repeat or suffer from the same behavior. If and when the decision to proceed is made, however, the estranged spouses may find it advisable to have separate representation from divorce attorneys.