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Cheating, Money and Addiction Leading Causes of Divorce

Married couples in Kentucky struggling with their relationships often confront issues like infidelity, money disputes or alcohol or drug addiction. For some people, difficulties like these lead them to divorce.

Both physical and emotional affairs interfere with trust and intimacy. Social media has made it easier than ever for people to reach out to former partners or find new connections. A psychotherapist and author said that infidelity represents the largest betrayal possible within a marriage.

Partners often quarrel about how to spend or save money. The tension from these arguments could prove too much for some people to continue their relationships. When money is lacking, the stress of poverty could undermine a marriage. On the flip side of poverty, a wife who earns more than the husband could be a source of conflict.

Many people view addiction as a deal breaker. When factors like alcohol, prescription drugs or work consume a person’s attention, the other spouse’s needs get neglected. Eventually, a person decides that suffering the consequences of the other’s choices and behavior becomes intolerable.

When a person makes the decision to end a marriage, a family law attorney could offer detailed guidance. An attorney could review the finances and assets of the couple and explain how property division might be determined in court. Legal information about rights to retirement accounts and real estate could help the person make decisions when negotiating the terms of the divorce. When children are involved, an attorney could provide advice about parental rights and child support calculations. A person could choose to have an attorney handle negotiations with the former partner if direct communications become hostile.