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Distracted Driving Is Still a Major Concern

Many Kentucky motorists may have understandable concerns about the prevalence of distracted driving on the roads. A recent study conducted by Progressive Insurance shows that lots of drivers continue engaging in distracted driving despite being aware of its dangers. Understanding some of the attitudes that motorists take toward this matter may help others to be more cautious while driving and have a plan in place in the event that an accident should occur.

Although many drivers express serious concerns about distracted driving, research shows that they nevertheless continue to do it in various ways. For example, at least 30 percent of respondents polled feel that it’s permissible to use a map while driving. In addition, 37 percent of respondents stated that it’s okay to use phone apps while the vehicle is halted at a stoplight.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that more than 3,000 people died in car accidents involving distracted drivers in 2015. Despite these numbers, statistics indicate that as many as 60 percent of motorists between the ages of 18 and 34 believe that they’re capable of safely texting while driving. On the other hand, only 6 percent of drivers over the age of 55 express similar feelings of confidence about texting and driving. Sources say that teenagers are the largest age group to be involved in fatal accidents that involve distracted driving.

Victims of distracted driving accidents often incur overwhelming medical expenses. In such cases, attorneys can help plaintiffs in their negotiations with insurance companies and other parties involved to receive financial compensation for pain and suffering. This form of restitution can go a long way toward helping injured crash victims get back on their feet.