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What Types of Damages Could You Suffer After a Car Crash?

Immediately after a car accident, you may not be in the best position to analyze your situation. However, it may not be easy weeks later, either, unless you know the legal definitions for your suffering.

Here is a list of damages you may want to consider when determining what you should include in your car accident claim. Any or all of these may apply to your case, and there may even be others you could seek, as well.

Pain and suffering

This is not just a description of how you are feeling right now. It is actually a legal term connected to the financial value of your injury. It includes factors such as the severity and nature of the injury, how much pain you are in now and how long it might last.

Mental anguish

The suffering you are going through is probably not just physical. Car accidents can cause serious emotional and mental distress, and according to Psychology Today, this type of traumatic event can .. The court often considers these factors when figuring compensation.

Medical expenses

A visit to the emergency room can be financially devastating, and a hospital stay even more so. In addition to the bills you may receive from these, there are often expenses related to ongoing care such as follow-up visits, plastic surgery or physical therapy, and medical equipment such as a wheelchair. The court system typically takes current and future medical needs into account.

Lost wages

Whether you miss a month of work or you are out longer, it affects your income and can have serious consequences to your budget. Any wages you did not receive as a direct result of your accident injuries, the courty may restore to you. If you become permanently unable to return to your current career, and you must take a lower-paying job, you may also receive compensation for lost earning capacity.

Loss of enjoyment of life

You may find that your injuries and disabilities have destroyed your life as you knew it, and now it is a struggle to make it through each day. An attorney may advise you to seek compensation for the lost quality of life when you take your case to court.