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Arguments Over Trump Leading to an Increase in Divorces

In the current political environment, it may not be too surprising that arguments over Donald Trump are leading to an uptick in the number of divorces that are being filed. A survey demonstrated the impact that political differences have had on relationships in Kentucky and around the country since the 2016 presidential election.

Researchers from a Virginia polling firm conducted a nationwide survey of 1,000 respondents from April 12 to April 18. They asked questions about the political viewpoints of the respondents and their spouses or partners. The researchers found that 10 percent of the participants reported ending their relationships over their political viewpoints. The results were even starker for millennials. Among people of that age group, 22 percent reported ending their relationships because of having different political views.

In addition, the researchers found that 24 percent of the respondents reported knowing at least one couple whose relationship had been damaged by political arguments. One family law attorney in New York stated that she has never seen so many couples divorcing over politics over her 35 years of practice as she has seen since the last election. Twenty percent of the respondents reported having more arguments about politics than about money during the previous six months.

No matter what the cause, people will need to navigate through a maze of family legal issues when they decide to dissolve their marriages. An experienced family law attorney might help clients to understand how to disentangle themselves from their spouses in ways that protect them financially and emotionally. In many cases, attorneys are able to negotiate settlement agreements without needing to engage in bitter and protracted litigation.