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Child Custody Modifications for Disabled Parents in Kentucky

It’s common for one parent to end up with child support obligations after a divorce. Support obligations are based on the income of the parent in question. Therefore, if a person’s income is reduced, they may be able to petition to have their payment obligations lowered.

If a noncustodial parent becomes disabled, it is likely that their income will suffer as a result. While there are some individuals who will be able to perform the same job functions with a disability, many will not be able to work as much or at all. As a result, parents who pay child support and develop disabilities will often be able to get a child support modification and reduce the amount that they are required to pay.

This can be a difficult circumstance for parents who receive support, but not all modifications will be permanent. If a paying parent only suffered a temporary disability, the payments should return to their normal level once a paying parent is able to work again.

There are generally two ways that issues related to divorce are decided. In a collaborative divorce, a couple works together to decide issues like alimony and child custody. This allows them to determine how they want these matters determined. If this is not possible, a divorce will be litigated, and a judge will make determinations related to the divorce based on family law guidelines. A lawyer could explain how issues like asset division and child support may be determined if a divorce ends up being litigated.