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What Is Negligence in Car Accidents?

Negligence in car accidents is a legal term to describe when collisions are caused by something other than intentional conduct. Typically, people do not intend to cause a car crash. Most all motor vehicle collisions are caused by negligence. This is why they are often referred to as “car accidents”. Even though they did not intend to cause the collision, they are still responsible for any resulting damages.

In order to prove negligence in court, the injured party must show that the defendant had a duty, he breached that duty, and, as a direct result, caused damages. The injured party must introduce evidence that will establish each of the elements of negligence before the case can go to a jury for a decision.

Every driver owes every other driver the general duty to drive with reasonable care. There are also many specific duties, such as: driving the speed limit, staying in your lane, and using your turn signal before for changing lanes. If a person breaches one of these duties that directly causes damages to another person, then that individual is guilty of negligence, and he will be responsible for compensating the injured person.

The Wilhoit Law Office has over 20 years of trial experience in proving negligence to obtain awards of compensation to our clients. If you have been involved in a collision, give us a call and let our experience work for you.