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Snapchat Filter Sometimes Records Drivers Speeding

While warnings about talking and texting on the phone while driving are widespread, using some forms of social media could be just as dangerous. Kentucky residents might like to know about why some people are using the mobile app Snapchat while on the road.

Snapchat offers different filters that users can select while taking a photo, and one filter includes a speed gauge that lists how fast someone is traveling. Some people are concerned that this filter encourages reckless driving, and accidents have occurred that may be linked to the app.

On Oct. 26, a fatal car accident happened when a 22-year-old driver lost control of his vehicle and hit a minivan head-on after crossing a median on the highway. Five people were killed and three were injured in this crash, and a 10-second cellphone video taken shortly before the wreck shows that the driver was traveling at 82.6 mph then 115.6 mph, according to the Snapchat filter.

In another incident, an 18-year-old driver reportedly used the speed filter to capture herself going 113 mph before her Mercedes hit a Mitsubishi, and the Mitsubishi driver suffered traumatic brain injuries due to the collision. However, usage logs apparently indicate that the driver was not using Snapchat when the actual crash took place. Warning messages appear when using the speed filter while traveling above 15 mph, but safety advocates still wonder if the speed filter is necessary.

When car accidents occur due to reckless driving, the motorists engaging in irresponsible behavior could be liable for expenses suffered by victims. Examples of reckless driving may include drinking and driving, street racing or texting and driving. When using a phone while driving, cellphone records, texts, pictures and videos could all be used as evidence in a resulting personal injury lawsuit filed by an injured victim with the assistance of an attorney.