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5 People, Including State Trooper, Injured in 3-Car Crash

A three-car collision on Saturday, Sept. 24, injured five people, one of them a Kentucky State Police trooper. The accident took place shortly after 4:00 pm in Corbin, at the intersection of Ohler Road and the Cumberland Gap Parkway.

According to an eyewitness, an 80-year-old man driving a Ford Taurus misjudged a turn on Ohler Road and was struck by the trooper’s vehicle. Two other cars then crashed into them. The trooper, who was working in the area at the time and who has been with the state police for 13 years, suffered a broken arm and a concussion.

The driver of the Taurus as well as the drivers and passengers in the other two vehicles were all taken to local hospitals by first responders. It was reported that the Taurus driver stated that he thought that he had sufficient time to make the turn safely. A state police reconstruction team was investigating the accident.

People who are injured in collisions involving multiple vehicles often require lengthy and expensive medical care and treatment. In many cases, their financial situation is worsened due to an inability to return to work for prolonged periods of time. An attorney who is representing an injured victim will attempt to demonstrate that the accident was caused by negligence on the part of another driver. In order to do so, the attorney will review all available evidence, including the report issued by the crash reconstruction team as well as eyewitness testimony. A successful personal injury lawsuit could entitle the victim to compensation for the losses that have been sustained.