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Using dispute resolution processes for child support decisions

Informal negotiation and alternative dispute resolution processes may be ways that Kentucky parents who are getting a divorce can work out child support without going to court. The parents may make an agreement on their own, or they may work with their respective attorneys to reach an accord. This agreement should then be put into writing and submitted to a judge.

Helping children cope when their parents are divorcing

The divorce process is often extremely difficult on former couples, especially if they have children. However, the children can also be affected, especially if the changes in their family are sudden and their parents do not explain why these changes are occurring. To help children get through the divorce, there are some tips that can help Kentucky parents to keep the situation calm and amicable.

Arguments over Trump leading to an increase in divorces

In the current political environment, it may not be too surprising that arguments over Donald Trump are leading to an uptick in the number of divorces that are being filed. A survey demonstrated the impact that political differences have had on relationships in Kentucky and around the country since the 2016 presidential election.

Gray divorce emphasizes financial matters in family law

While age still does appear to confer a measure of security for marriages in Kentucky, there is an upward trend of divorces during the senior years. So-called gray divorces are less likely to result in the family legal issues common among younger marriages, such as custody and visitation, but these splits often have serious consequences on finances. Gray divorces show a stronger statistical correlation to marriage history and retirement security than any other factor, according to studies.

Custody mistakes for parents to avoid

For Kentucky estranged parents, a divorce and associated child custody hearings can be emotional events. However, it is important for a parent to avoid making unforced errors such as talking about the case to a friend or otherwise being transparent about his or her legal strategy. Ideally, the only person parents will talk to during a child custody case is their lawyer.

Child custody modifications for disabled parents in Kentucky

It's common for one parent to end up with child support obligations after a divorce. Support obligations are based on the income of the parent in question. Therefore, if a person's income is reduced, they may be able to petition to have their payment obligations lowered.

Dealing with a family businesses in a divorce

Husband and wife entrepreneurial teams are not uncommon in Kentucky and around the country, but deciding how to divide business assets can become a contentious subject when these couples divorce. Some married business owners choose to tackle the issue directly by putting detailed buyout clauses into place, which is a step that the founders of a thriving New York-based software company may wish they had taken.

When parents move to avoid child support

Many Kentucky parents who have gone through a divorce have child support orders in place that require their children's other parent to pay monthly support. Unfortunately, some parents are deadbeats who willfully attempt to avoid paying child support and sometimes move to other states in order to evade their obligations.

Thinking about the kids during a divorce

For many Kentucky parents, getting a divorce can mean splitting up the family. They may not get to see their children as often as they would like and the stress and arguments can result can potentially have an impact on the children. As such, it is in the best interests of the children for parents to put them first.

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