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Divorce and higher education planning

When parents in Kentucky divorce, both spouses are usually concerned about meeting the immediate needs of their children. This means that the couple may prioritize issues of custody, visitation and child support payments, particularly if the children are still young. Another factor to consider, however, is planning for higher education funding.

How to get financially ready for a divorce

Prior to getting a divorce, it can be a good idea to review financial documents and create a financial plan for life as a single person. Kentucky residents and others in this situation could benefit by getting documents such as bank statements, credit reports and others with important information on them. They can be held in a safe place such as at a bank or with a friend to keep a spouse from getting them.

How parents can help their kids get through divorce

When parents in Kentucky decide to divorce, their first thought might be how the end of the marriage will impact their children. There are many stories, both positive and negative, of how now-adult children dealt with their parents' divorce. By keeping some key guidelines in mind, people can help their children feel supported and strong even as their lives undergo significant change.

Divorce and retirement funds are a complex mix

Retirement savings can be one of the most challenging issues for divorcing couples in Kentucky to deal with as part of their divorce negotiations and settlement. Because people have worked long and hard to establish those accounts and build them up, dividing them can be devastating, especially when each partner is financially reliant on those funds for future stability. In a 2016 survey, 62 percent of divorce attorneys said that retirement funds were the most contentious issue addressed by their clients during their divorce.

How joint custody can help parents and children

Parents in Kentucky who are getting a divorce might wonder whether joint custody is the right choice for them and their children. They may have misconceptions about this type of custody that is not backed up by research. Studies actually indicate that the best arrangement for children after divorce is joint custody as long as there are not issues with abuse.

Tax law changes to significantly affect spousal support

Financial matters are often some of the most difficult issues for Kentucky couples to sort out while finalizing a divorce. Alimony payments are often a particularly contentious topic that may lead to lengthy negotiations or extensive court filings. However, the recent adoption of the new federal tax bill in December 2017 has major implications for taxation of spousal support payments.

Key tips to remember during settlement negotiations

The end of a marriage can be a difficult time for couples in Kentucky. Not only do spouses have to deal with the emotional fallout, but the practical logistics of divorce can also present many challenges. Negotiating with a former partner about the divorce settlement can be challenging and complex. However, an arrangement will be necessary for both parties to settle and move on.

Divorces could start early in 2018

For many people living in Kentucky, January is a time of new beginnings. In some cases, this means making the decision to leave a marriage that is no longer working. While divorce is never easy, there are some things that spouses can do to make the process less painful and financially devastating.

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