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The benefits of shared child custody

Residents of Kentucky involved in a divorce, paternity action or other ongoing child custody issue should be aware of the trend toward shared parenting time. In the past, it was common for a court to award custody to one parent, usually the mother, subject to the right of parenting time with the other parent. Usually the visitation ordered is one or two nights per week.

However, courts are now starting to learn toward ordering shared parenting, which aims to divvy out custody equally. Though more women are in the workforce than ever, a traditional visitation schedule where the mother is the primary caretaker can hinder the ability for career advancement. A more flexible shared parenting-time schedule allows her extra time for work, career education and job-related networking.

New technologies reduce accidents

Kentucky residents who have been injured in an automobile accident can attest to the devastation that such incidents cause. Even if the crash does not result in catastrophic injuries, victims may still suffer from pain and may find themselves responsible for sizable medical expenses. If a collision does result in death, survivors must struggle with their grief as well as the possible loss of a breadwinner or caregiver.

Fortunately, new technologies have helped to reduce the frequency of collisions. These include blind spot alerts and lane departure warning systems. Drivers can make use of these systems to avoid collisions with both other vehicles as well as pedestrians.

Using a divorce attorney instead of mediation

Mediation is one of the options Kentucky couples who marriages are coming to an end have to achieve resolutions to their various legal issues. However, there are situations in which individuals who are going through a divorce should rely on an attorney who has litigation experience instead of using mediation.

Mediation should not be used as a method to resolve issues when there is a history of domestic abuse. Many social scientists believe that abusers typically are unable to have empathy for their victims. In a mediation setting, it may be difficult to have an abuser consider the perspective of his or her victim. In these cases, it is important that both parties have legal representation to advocate on their behalf.

Could you be suffering from traumatic brain injury?

If you recently sustained a car accident, traumatic brain injury is a real possibility. Learning more about the causes and symptoms of TBI can help you get the medical treatment you need.

TBI typically occurs as a result of an impact to the head, which many experience during a car crash. Even if you did not fracture your skull or even hit your head against a surface, TBI remains a possibility, as a hard stop can cause the brain to hit the inside of the skull.

Women earn less making divorce more difficult

For Kentucky women, getting a divorce can have a major impact on their finances and retirement. In fact, the divorce may actually hit women harder than men due to the fact that women statistically get paid less than men and are often put in charge of caring for the children when they are still married.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has found that women earn about 82 cents for every dollar that men earn. For example, the median weekly earnings for white men during the first quarter of 2017 were $977 while the median weekly earnings for white women were $790. For black women, the median weekly earnings were even lower at $645. Further, women are also more likely to be the caregivers for their children. This prevents them from being able to move up the career ladder and save for retirement.

Car crash prevention not enough for driverless vehicles

Kentucky motorists may be waiting much longer than had been predicted for the enhanced safety and convenience of automated vehicles. Cars that drive themselves have been hailed as a potentially powerful tool for everything from reducing the risk of car accidents to saving time on daily work commutes, and analysts have predicted driverless vehicles on the road as early as 2019 and comprising half the auto market by 2032. There are, however, quite a few problems to overcome prior to the realization of benefits.

Investments from some of the largest companies in the world have poured into research and development of automated cars. Though potential profits play the primary role here, the companies are relying on the attraction of a key benefit to spur consumer demand. The U.S. Department of Transportation estimates that human error causes 94 percent of fatal car accidents, and an average of close to 100 people die each day on roadways across the country.

New way to prevent drowsy driving

With the very busy lives people often live, many Kentucky motorists have found themselves driving when they are too tired. Drowsy driving, as the phenomenon is called, is more than simply an inconvenience. It can be very dangerous and even fatal. A new device is seeking to help prevent accidents caused by people nodding off at the wheel.

The device, which is still in the pre-production stage, is a wrist-band that produces vibrations and gentle shocks if the device detects that the driver is dozing off. The makers of the device feel that it is particularly helpful when driving long distances, when many people doze off as they drive and might be involved in car accidents.

Health insurance deductible concerns in divorce

One of the benefits commonly provided by employers could cause serious consequences for some marriages on the brink of divorce. Health care has always played a role in negotiations over custody, spousal support and property division, but the passage of the Affordable Care Act offered those with pre-existing conditions some amount of security. This law may soon be overturned and the prohibition against higher premiums for pre-existing conditions lifted. Some Kentucky couples have responded by showing more reluctance in untying the knot.

A University of Michigan study showed that around 115,000 women lost their coverage after divorce annually prior to the ACA. When these women are facing an expensive series of treatments, the loss of coverage could cost more to replace than what is available from alimony or property division. The ACA helped to address this situation by banning excess charges for pre-existing conditions.

IIHS calculates the human cost of higher speed limits

Lawmakers in Kentucky have generally chosen to restrict vehicle speeds to 65 mph even on rural roads, but speed limits may be increased to 70 mph on stretches of highway that meet certain criteria. However, six states have introduced speed limits as high as 80 mph, and drivers in some parts of Texas can travel at 85 mph without breaking the law. Road safety advocates have long claimed that higher speed limits make deadly accidents more likely, and a 2016 study from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety seems to back up these arguments.

According to the IIHS, the number of road users killed in traffic accidents grows by 4 percent for each 5 mph that maximum permissible speeds are increased. The nonprofit organization came to its conclusion after studying accident data gathered both before and after maximum speed limits were raised. The group puts the death toll of higher permissible speeds at about 1,900 fatalities each year and more than 33,000 road users killed during the last two decades.

What types of damages could you suffer after a car crash?

Immediately after a car accident, you may not be in the best position to analyze your situation. However, it may not be easy weeks later, either, unless you know the legal definitions for your suffering.

Here is a list of damages you may want to consider when determining what you should include in your car accident claim. Any or all of these may apply to your case, and there may even be others you could seek, as well.

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